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How to Restore Windows on your Computer or Laptop!


The First thing you need to do is make sure you have a full licensed copy of the Windows that you wish to install on your computer. This article will cover all Windows XP versions. (Vista will be coming soon.) Keep the license number close to you, you will need to enter it later on.

Turn your computer/laptop on and open the CD or DVD Rom Drive and insert the Windows Disc, then turn your machine off by holding the power button down until it is completely shut down.

Wait a couple of seconds and turn the machine back on again. Watch the screen carefully, as it starts up a message will appear, usually in the upper left hand corner, on your screen that reads "Press Any Key to Boot From CD/DVD"

When you see this screen do not hesitate Press "Enter".

A Message will appear briefly on the same black screen letting you know that Windows is Inspecting the Files- this is normal and you need not even pay attention to it.

Next a Blue Screen will appear with "Windows Setup" in the Upper Left Hand Corner.

Leave it alone and let it do it's job.